I know that most folks were pretty disappointed with Dillo Day’s cancellation due to rain this year, but I actually found it to be a great weekend. For one, I managed to get tickets for the Friday 11pm performance of Wrestlepocalypse. Some of my friends had been in line for over three hours to get door tickets, while I had done my waiting in the presale line the week before. A bunch of people I knew were performing, and there’s an electric energy in Shanley Pavillion for the final show. Alumni come back, the performers push the stage combat as far as they can, and the audience is as riled up and excited as they can be. After the show, members of a theatre group I produce, The Panini Players, made our way over to the Rock to relieve our guards and paint it to advertise our spring show. It was my second time painting the Rock, but a first for most of our troupe, and it was really fun watching our younger members enjoy this tradition that we build up so much. The paint managed to survive the rain, and hopefully people saw it as they made their way to and from the lake.

I spread the word that I’d have pancakes ready at my apartment in the morning, and would be making dinner at night. My roommates and I didn’t even attempt to make it to the Lakefill with the incoming rain. Some of my friends showed up at the beginning of the day and stayed until late in the night, while others only popped in briefly for food or to see us for a bit. Either way, it was a nice day full of games, food, and good friends. Someone recently pointed out to me, “If the university had declared ‘Today is a mandatory day off, get some rest’, then everyone would use that time to schedule meetings or do other work. But since we actually prepared for a day off and the concerts were canceled, everyone was forced to take a much needed nap.” I certainly appreciated having a quiet day to bond with friends.

–Jim Alrutz

photo credit: Northbynorthwestern.

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