At the end of each quarter here at Northwestern, quietness falls over campus as students buckle down for finals week. While this can often be a really stressful time for students, Northwestern goes above and beyond to make sure this week is as stress-free as possible. Students here at Northwestern are, of course, prioritizing academics and aiming for high grades in our classes, but it is always important to remember to take breaks and take care of you during finals week.  This is made really easy with the huge range of events that groups and the University put on for students to take a study break and relieve some stress.

Starting the Sunday before finals begin, students can head to our student center, Norris, to play with therapy puppies provided by the Happiness Club. This is a great way to take a break even if it’s just for a quick ten minutes. If dogs are not for you, Norris also hosts an open yoga session for anyone to come and try out some relaxing breathing exercises or get the blood flowing and wake your brain up.  Once you’ve settled into your study session you will want to make sure that you leave time for one of Northwestern students favorite traditions; the Primal Scream. At 9 pm on Sunday night before finals week begins, everyone runs outside to release stress with your fellow classmates and scream your heart out!

Throughout the week you can grab free coffee at midnight at Norris, but it’s always a good idea to head to Norris on Tuesday of finals week for that midnight pancake breakfast. Fueling up on pancakes isn’t your only option for a study snack, as both Norris and our three libraries on the Evanston campus provide students with snack breaks daily.

Finals week without a doubt can be challenging. However thanks to the quarter system we are leaving finals week and going home to a true break, ready to get rested and revived for the new quarter ahead!

–Hannah Kupsky

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