This quarter I am starting a journey that I hope will become one of the most impactful so far at Northwestern. As a Communication Studies major, I often get lost in the world of “what is communications” and “how do you study that?” The great thing about the majors in the School of Communications is that really, they can mean anything. For me, I have decided to take my studies into the realm of business through marketing. With that, I am pursuing the Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate through the Medill School of Journalism (try not to get too caught up in the names, anybody can do it- shoutout to One Northwestern).

While finding marketing experience has been pretty easy, this year I discovered something very specific to NU. Form and Function Marketing (F&F for short) is a student group for those who love the world of advertising. With this club, members are sorted into different client groups to help market companies in the Evanston area. Basically, it works exactly like an advertising agency. The groups get to explore market research, design skills, and account management through projects with the client as well as come together each week to discuss industry news in regards to the marketing world.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who joins to get a look at how the marketing industry works, but more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. I am in the midst of working with my first client, who owns a taco restaurant, a joint for Asian cuisine, and a luxurious spot for fine dining. Through this experience, I will be learning exactly how to make the best possible marketing choices for the company. The students who work alongside me will also become huge parts of my professional and social growth.

While I’m extremely jazzed for this particular student group, I’ve found it important up until this point to seek out similar opportunities through other organizations. Sometimes, getting into a club at Northwestern can be competitive, but a lot of the time you can find similar wonderful experiences elsewhere. When it came to marketing, I first explored with joining the Public Relations Committee for our day of service, getting involved with outreach for my sorority, and working in the admissions office to run social media. It turned out that while I was on the waitlist for F&F, I learned first hand that Northwestern has multiple places for students to pursue their interests. At NU, no matter what you love, you can find a way to do it.

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