As a high school senior, college to me meant school — spending all day in class, doing homework, maybe participating in a club or two — but  it was still school and I had been going to school for twelve years.  However, from the moment I stepped foot on campus and moved into my residential hall, I discovered that college is about so much more. Although I always knew that I was excited about Northwestern University, as a prospective student I did not understand that when I joined Northwestern I was stepping foot on an adventure that went far beyond the classroom.  

I am a firm believer that college is a time for discovery and exploration.  The Eliza that came to Northwestern four years ago could not be more different than the Eliza that will graduate this coming Spring.  Over the last four years I have discovered new areas of interest, joined student groups I did not even know existed, and had opportunities both on campus and in the world that I never could have imagined.  I came into college, as many students here at Northwestern do, as an undeclared major in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. I had a few classes that I was interested in trying out, but for the most part, I had no idea what I would go on to major in.  Throughout my first year I took classes across the different undergraduate schools and eventually found my place in the School of Communication as a Radio, Television, Film major.  

I have, and continue to be, surprised by how much Northwestern has not only supported my desire to grow and try new things, but how encouraging the university has been of all of my endeavors.  This past summer Northwestern helped me get an internship in Los Angeles working at a film studio.  Not only was the university helpful in helping me navigate this process, but I was able to receive class credit for the work that I was doing.  In LA I had a School of Communication faculty member, David Downs, who was there as a resource and mentor through me throughout the summer.  When I came to college I would never have dreamed of moving to Los Angeles and working full time all while receiving class credit and yet I am just one of many students here at Northwestern who has able to pursue such an opportunity. 

–Eliza Abrams

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