I remember sitting down to write my first college paper and panicking. I called my mom crying convinced that there was absolutely no way my writing was strong enough and dreading handing in my first paper only to receive a C. After a brief counseling session, my mom being the wonderful woman that she is, directed me towards the Northwestern Writing Place.  The Writing Place offers one-on-one peer writing consultations with either a fellow student or a graduate student. These individuals are not only trained to read and assist students in developing their writing, but are eager and excited to work with you. Students are able to make appointments to meet with a writing consultant in the Main Library at any time.

One of the biggest benefits of the writing center is that consultants can help you at any phase in the writing process. For me, the hardest part is getting my initial ideas on paper. I often find myself spending hours crafting those opening sentences and just getting my thoughts out. However, for some students the challenge might be writing a conclusion, or transitioning between ideas; whatever you might find challenging the writing center is able to assist you.

Not only is this a great campus resource, but it is also an opportunity to meet students here at Northwestern who you might not otherwise interact with.  The Writing Place presents a unique space where you get assistance from your peers. I think there is a certain level of comfort that comes when sitting with a fellow student who has been in your shoes and can give you unbiased, non judgmental, knowledgeable support.

The Writing Place is, in my opinion, one of the most underused resources for students here at Northwestern. Not only is it a great place to develop your writing skills, but there is a comfort in having another student, who is not evaluating you in any way, help you through the writing process. While I thought that my first college paper was going to be impossible, the Writing Place helped me realize that not only could I tackle my first paper, but that it really did not need to be the stressful process I originally thought. They helped me develop the skills and tools to write that first college paper and all the papers that followed.

–Eliza Abramson

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