In high school I was involved with mostly community service groups, so when I came to college, I assumed that I would take a similar path. While I still do try and volunteer, I’ve found a love for entertainment programming groups here on campus.  One of the groups that I discovered in my first year at Northwestern was A&O Productions, a student-run programming organization that brings concerts, speakers, and films to campus throughout the year. Over the past four years, I have worked on some amazing campus programs such as a moderated discussion with Trans-activist and actress Laverne Cox, as well as our annual Fall Concert featuring Childish Gambino.

When I joined A&O I thought I was just joining a club, but it has become so much more than that.  A&O has given me opportunities on campus and in life that I never otherwise would have had. I can say by the time that I graduate that I have worked on over 15 concerts, 10 speaker shows, and helped screen over 40 films.   Through my work with this organization, I discovered that I have a passion and interest in the entertainment industry. A&O has helped put me on a career path that I could never have imagined being on when I started at Northwestern four years ago.

Being part of A&O has given me an immense skillset that takes what I learned in the classroom and brings it into the real world. While it is a student group, we are far more than just average students planning events.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with professional talent agents, production vendors, Northwestern administration, and Evanston officials just to name a few.  As I graduate this coming Spring, I know that the skills and tools that I have learned being part of A&O will carry far beyond my time at Northwestern.

A&O has become my second family here on campus. The students that I have met through this group are some of the most passionate, dedicated, creative people I will ever encounter in my life.  A&O members have gone on to become my closest friends, support system, and even my roommates. The students who were upperclassmen my first year have become my mentors and role models.  I have even had the opportunity to connect with alumni who graduated before I arrived at Northwestern.

–Eliza Abramson

Photo Source: A&O + Sean Su.

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