Being part of a student organization is something that most Northwestern students have in common. There are so many options with the more than 500 active organizations that it is hard not to find something that you are interested in. From pre-professional groups to the Northwestern magic club, everyone has a space on our campus.

My personal experience with student organizations at Northwestern has been very positive over these past two years. I have been part of the International Students Association (ISA), Moneythink and Students Consulting for non-profit organizations. All these clubs have allowed me to meet very different people from across all six schools at Northwestern and to learn about their different perspectives. In my opinion, the single most important thing form participating in a student club is that it allows you to be exposed to people outside of your regular friend group. College is about learning and exploring and the best way of succeeding in that is by being active in organizations on campus.

Personally, there is one organization that played a major role in my sophomore year. As a member of the executive board of ISA, I was able to participate in a variety of activities for the International community on campus. From our “food for thought” series (basically free dinner with a cool speaker) to our very successful spring formal. Being part ISA allowed me to get real experience in organizing some of these events while also getting to know some amazing people.  Overall I would say that my time at Northwestern would not have been the same had I not joined ISA at the end of my freshman year.

Student organizations at Northwestern are an important part of the student experience on our campus. As I said before, something that Northwestern is really proud of is the fact that almost everyone on campus participates in a student group or organization. These groups not only create a vibrant campus culture but they also allow for a better integration of students that would otherwise not participate in many campus events. Many organizations also provide spaces for students to develop both personally and academically.

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