From my first Primal Scream (when students scream to relieve stress at 9 p.m. the Sunday before Finals Week), to Dillo Day (a music festival for students, organized by students), to singing the fight song at football games, I’ve managed to cross most of the traditional items off my bucket list, but there’s still a few things I need to do.

Here is what I plan to do this year before I graduate…

Paint a rock along Lake Michigan  

There are a bunch of rocks along the lake and some of the rocks are painted by students or alumni. One of my student groups wants to paint a rock this upcoming year because we don’t have one yet.

Go to the beach on North Campus

When the weather is nice in the spring, some students go to the beach. I haven’t gone yet because I don’t usually walk past mid-campus since most of my classes are on the south end of campus. But this year I’ll make an exception.

Visit and take a picture of the Baha’i Temple 

If your Instagram account doesn’t have a picture of the Baha’i Temple, do you really go to Northwestern? The temple is not on Northwestern’s campus, but many students make a point to go there since it’s just a 15-minute walk away.

Watch the sunrise from the lakefill

My friends have usually gone to see the sunrise before or after their finals. This year I plan on joining them.

Learn the lyrics to Northwestern’s Alma Mater song

At Commencement, the graduates are supposed to sing the Alma Mater song and I don’t want to pretend to know the lyrics. Luckily, the song isn’t too long.

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is an annual event that raises money for charity. Students dance for 30 hours, which sounds exhausting but it is for a good cause. I’m still on the fence about it though.

Some of the items on my bucket list may not technically be “traditions.” But they are the kind of experiences you do with friends when you’re not in class or when you have some free time on the weekends.

Today, I still cherish those memories I made in high school and I know I’ll cherish my Northwestern memories. Wherever you go, your school will have its own traditions, and while you don’t have to participate, you will create your own memories. College isn’t just about going to class and studying. It’s also about new experiences, like staying up for 30 hours to raise money for charity or waking up early to see the sunrise.

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