For this week’s blog entry, Taylor imagines her alternate Northwestern life. 

There is almost an infinite number of classes, organizations, and experiences to be a part of at Northwestern. As much as I’ve tried (and I really have) to get my hands on a majority of them, I’ve missed out on a few amazing parts of Northwestern that I would most certainly take advantage of if given a second chance.

First, I would have tried harder to become involved with research. Either by conducting my own or by finding a faculty member whose interests align with mine, I would definitely take advantage of all of NU’s research resources. Along the halls of Tech, the largest of our academic buildings, there are huge posters hanging along the walls that outline research projects conducted by faculty and students. Freshman year, when I first saw them, none of these poster topics appealed to me so I found it easy to assume that research wasn’t for me. I turned instead to becoming heavily involved in extracurricular organizations. Looking back, I can’t believe I was so quick to arrive at that conclusion. If I was granted a magical second chance, conducting research would be my first project.

Northwestern has so many amazing dance troupes. Although I had years of experience from before college, it took me two years to work up the courage to audition for a group. By then, I was busy with so many other extra-curricular activities, I couldn’t commit to their rehearsal schedule and had to withdraw my application. Now I live vicariously through my other friends who spend their evenings dancing and I occasionally enroll in a modern class offered through the School of Communication (yay for the flexible quarter system).

My alternate Wildcat identity wouldn’t be complete without attending B-Fest. Unfortunately, I just missed my last chance to attend this slightly hidden Northwestern gem last weekend. A&O productions puts on this yearly 24-hour marathon of B-movies in Norris, the student center. With the tagline “24 Hours of the Best Worst Movies Ever!” it never fails to attract an eclectic mix of Evanston, Chicago, and Northwestern residents who camp out in costumes and sleeping bags. From Plan 9 from Outer Space to Miami Connection, B-fest offers something for everyone.

Although I may not be a B-fest-going-dancing-researcher during my undergraduate years at NU, I don’t think I would trade in any of the memories and experiences I’ve gained through my time here. B-fest is open to the public anyway, so my dreams may come true one day.

–Taylor Billings

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