8:30am I swipe into the dining hall, pick up a muffin, grab an apple, fill a
tubberware with dry cereal, pour some coffee into a take-away
cup, and dash out to class. While it’s not the most well-rounded
selection of food, I try to get up early enough to grab something to eat before my 9am class.
8:45am I manage to eat the muffin while walking to class and only almost
drop it once – an art that took a full quarter to perfect.
9:00am I drink my coffee through my morning econ class. Econ, while a lovely
subject, is always better with coffee mixed in.
9:50am While I walk from econ to chemistry I devour the apple. Gotta get
those fruits and veggies in, even when in college!
11:00am I discretely snack on the cheerios I had packed earlier today during
my sociology class. My professor doesn’t mind, and its something for
my hands to do between taking down notes that’s not texting!
12:30pm I go get lunch in on of our dining halls. I put together a salad with
chicken, tangerines, lettuce, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and
vinegar and oil. For dessert, I grab a purple cupcake. #GoCats
4:00pm Finished with classes for the day, I use points to buy myself sushi at
Norris, which I snack on while doing a problem set for bio class.
6:35pm I meet up with friends at Plex dining hall, where we swipe in and
stand in line for stir fry. The chef makes us each a personal pan of stir fry! We get to choose exactly what we want in it.
10:15pm I’m back at Norris before a meeting with my theatre company, and it’s
going to be a late night, so I grab a chai tea latte from our on-campus
11:30pm I pop a bag of popcorn in my residential hall’s lounge and watch an
episode of Parks and Recreation with the girls on my floor before I
head to bed.

Photo: Northwestern Dining.

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