It’s Week Nine and it’s cold outside, which means the quarter’s wrapping up and #WinterIsComing. Last week, it took three alarms for me to finally leave my warm and comfy bed. For some students, this is pretty typical considering they might not be morning people, but I consider myself a morning person and felt no motivation to leave my bed.

One possible explanation for my sudden lack of motivation is “senioritis.” It’s something most high school seniors know well, whether they joke around about it or they experience it themselves. Once you know your post-graduation plans, it’s easy to slip into this state. As a senior in college though, I didn’t expect to feel it so soon, especially because I’m still looking for job opportunities.

Of course, “senioritis” is not real, but people do just feel unmotivated sometimes. Whether I’m feeling this way because of “senioritis” or not, here are some ways I find motivation at Northwestern:

Student groups

I remember my first year I overcommitted myself and joined too many student groups. Now I’m actively involved in three student groups that really make me happy at Northwestern. I’m on the executive board for the Multicultural Greek Council, and as my term wraps up, I find motivation from my fellow board members. Most of us are seniors and we all have other responsibilities, but we continue to stay connected to the Northwestern community with this group.

Talking to my parents

My mom didn’t go to college, so whenever I talk to her, she reminds me how lucky I am to be at an institution like Northwestern. I also remember when I was younger, my dad decided to complete his education at a local college. He had to balance work, family, and his education. Working hard in school seems like a small price to pay for all the support my family has given me.


Between classes, student group meetings, and job searches, sometimes I’m just overworked and I need to rest. Last week, I stayed up too late and didn’t get much sleep, which is why I didn’t want to get out of bed. Most mornings, I get out of bed after my first alarm and I look forward to the day. If I feel tired after class, a 20-minute nap can really boost my mood and motivation.


In a couple weeks, we have finals and I have some application deadlines for job opportunities. Now is definitely not the time to catch “senioritis” and lose motivation. For the next few weeks though, I’m optimistic my productive days will outnumber my nonproductive ones, and I’m confident my “senioritis” is only temporary.

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